20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (2023)

Whether its a small private party or a big wedding, find below the best party catering companies in Dubai:

Al Hamra Street

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Al Hamra Street, which is a catering and event planning company, sits on the top of our list on Catering Dubai

Al Hamra Street is one of the top professional catering companies in Dubai; it is trusted by many famous corporations as well as television channels: MBC Group, Dubai TV, Discovery Channel and many more.

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20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (3)
20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (4)
20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (5)
20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (6)
20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (7)
20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (8)
20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (9)
20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (10)
20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (11)



By choosing Al Hamra Street, you obtain a top notch service be it at your house, villa or even on board a boat! You’ll Also be accommodated by a team of professional waiters, cleaners, chefs, etc.

The Dubai based company that takes its name from the famous street in Beirut caters to all types of events at very good prices. They cover weddings, corporate events, production houses, with full set-up, tents, mobile kitchen, tables,etc. They also do birthdays with event planning, private dinners with live cooking stations and special Ramadan Iftars!

Specialty Cuisines

Arabic/Lebanese, Continental, Italian, International (Indian, Spanish…)


Minimum 10 pax, maximum 1000 pax


47 employees
17 years of experience

20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (12)

If you’re in the least bit concerned about menu offerings, pricing, or how much food you need to order, simply call and speak directly with Ali (the owner).

★★★★★ 4.7

I have worked with Al Hamra Street catering team for two projects. Extremely happy with their service. Healthy meals available as well. Budget friendly. They also have Eco packaging! Timely delivery and very supportive staff. Strongly recommended.
Uma Kedlaya - Executive Producer

+971-50-509 4060

Production city, h39 building, shop 9 and 10

Cedar Tree Hospitality

20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (13)

Cedar Tree Hospitality prices are considered very affordable compared to most of the catering companies in Dubai.

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Cedar Tree Hospitality’s services turn your venue into an exciting & unique experience for you and your guests, where you will enjoy outstanding fresh quality food, creative presentation & excellent service. Whether you are planning a small gathering for your loved ones, a birthday, an engagement or want to throw a surprise party for the love of your life, all you have to do is sit back while they creatively design your special menu featuring more than 10 international cuisines.

Queenie is their senior banquet coordinator, she is very friendly and she will usually give you a quotation for your special event within 24hours.

Specialty Cuisines

More than 10 international cuisines, with a possibility to tailor the menus to the preferences and tastes of each client.


Up to 1,000 pax


13 years of experience

★★★★★ 4.7

Been using Cedar Tree catering services for the past 3 years and couldn’t be more satisfied with the level and quality of service..
Nelly Boustany

+971 4 346 7022

Al Quoz, 21 9b street, Dubai


20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (14)

Bouffage is a Dubai-based company providing modern hospitality services to prominent global brands and individuals.

They are a high-end Dubai-based catering company that combines elegance and quality for the ultimate guest experience. Theybring your ideas to life with premium quality culinary services.

With their delectable menus, theyconsistently cater to every guest’s culinary needs. Their chefs create delicious flavour combinations using the finest ingredients to deliver the best dining experience.

Bouffage caters all kinds of events at affordable prices:Wedding Catering, All Catering Services, Business Catering, Event Catering

Specialty Cuisines

Continental, Arabic/Lebanese, Indian, Japanese/Chinese, Italian, Filipino, Pakistani


Minimum 10 pax, maximum 300 pax


10 years of experience

★★★★★ 5.0

I found Bouffage Catering Services as a recommendation from my friend and I'm very satisfied with their services. They were very professional and fantastic meal with great quality and variety. I would recommend their services to anyone. Thank you.
Lina Sav

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+971 50 154 2652

Dubai Maritime City, Dubai


20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (15)

Whether you are needing a simple Tawasi for your family gathering, a full Live Station and Buffet set up ready for any size or style of event or the elegant theater of Gueridon service; at Sofraji they have all your catering needs covered. They also offer a completely moveable Shisha Tuk Tuk for your event to bring the real Arabian inspired flavors to you in a totally distinctive way.

Specialty Cuisines

Arabic, Continental, Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Sushi

Events They Cater

Corporate, weddings, sahara nights, festivals, social, private parties


Shisha, butlers, florist & setup, entertainment

+971 55 662 9253

Latifa Tower, Office 3001, SZR, Dubai U.A.E, P.O.Box 102902


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WOW , the Taste of Kuwait , where one can end up a complete stop creating value to any occasions with our consistent in Flavour, Quality, Services & Creations.

Their products includes chocolates, Special Cookies , Patisserie , Savories ,Glaces ,Wedding Cakes ,Decoration Chocolates, Gifts and Souvenirs to cater all the occasions in one’s life.

Specialty Cuisines

International, Arabic, Regional


Up to 1000 guests

Events They Cater

Financial and banking institutions, Government and Ministries, Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions, Schools and college Institutions, Private Events and outdoor catering

★★★★★ 4.6

Wonderful staff! We were greeted today with such genuine enthused owners!! They are extending their summer hours for the Tulsa people to make us happy!They were very pleasant and their cookies and brownies are fantastic!Most of all though is their service.Highly recommend them! Hope you guys open a second location in area!
Ophelia Wallis

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Umm Al Sheif Rd, Jumeirah, Dubai


20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (17)

A proud member of the Al Habtoor Group, the company has grown with the UAE and benefits from 30 years of experience operating within the region, working with some of Dubai’s leading companies to become a trusted supplier with its team of professionally-trained chefs and hospitality specialists.

On-Location and Mobile Catering.

Specialty Cuisines

All nationalities cuisines choice


Up to 45,000 pax

Events They Cater

All kind of events including corporate & weddings

★★★★★ 4.8

Amazing food supplied for my Wife's party last month. Great customer service all the way from sales to delivery of the food. I will be using Metropolitan Catering again.
James Gottfried

050 5172880

Jebel Ali Free Zone, PO Box 61008, Dubai, UAE

Abela & Co

20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (18)

Headquartered in Dubai, they have the privilege of serving over 120 prestigious local and international clients, across an array of industries.

With an extensive network of four central kitchens, strategically located across the UAE, combined with their business in Qatar & Egypt, they produce over 120,000 meals each day and employ more than 3,000 employees, who are responsible for delivering exceptional customer service every single day.

Abela & Co caters for: Industrial, corporate, hotel staff, educational institutions, oilfield (offshore & onshore), hospital, retail, banqueting, party, events, office & janitorial services.

Specialty Cuisines

International in influence with the possibility to tailor the menus to suit the client’s theme or taste.

(Video) Events Catering | Birthday Party | Dubai | Indiana Delights 🌶

Restaurants & Cafes

Sandella's, Zaatar W'Aktar,Bean Fresh,Baydar,


50 years of experience

★★★★ 4.2

Excellent Food catering services
Rinesh Andrews

+971 4 606 0000

Blue Bay Tower - Blue Bay Tower, 18th Floor, Marasi Dr, Dubai (they have a branch in Abu Dhabi)

Al Hallab

20 Best Party Catering Companies in Dubai - Catering Dubai (19)

Al Hallab is a leading brand name in Lebanese casual dining and events catering. Al Hallab operates four full-service Lebanese restaurants; three of which are Lebanese Grill specialty. Ghassan Al Hallab ventured to Dubai to evolve the Al Hallab brand into a prominent full service Lebanese restaurant. And in 2002, Al Hallab opened its first Al Hallab Restaurant & Sweets in Al Garhoud, Dubai.

Specialty Cuisines

Lebanese, International

Events They Cater

Weddings, birthdays, corporate, private events


4 branches in Dubai:Al Garhoud, The Dubai Mall, and Mall of the Emirates, Al Hallab Bab Al Bahr

★★★★★ 4.5

Awesome place, if you like to taste authentic sweets, breakfast and food. Very well organized, friendly and professional staff. Recommended for everything, should try all types of sweets and food.
Elia Kallas


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