Best all-in-one psychology practice management software (2023 comparison) | Carepatron (2022)

Once an unthinkable luxury for psychologists, psychology practice management software is now widely available across all the healthcare sectors. Whether you're a solo psychologist looking to capture your notes or a mental healthcare business wanting to maximize efficiency and reduce waste, it's now possible to find a practice management solution that was designed with you in mind.

In all honesty, most of these psychology practice management software are still expensive, with monthly subscriptions between $59 to 365 per staff member per month. However, some great products do have free plans to get you started. These newer services are, in many instances, more up-to-date than their preexisting counterparts.

And to help you out, we've tracked down the best practice management software available on the market today, no matter the size of your practice, team, or bank balance 🤪🤪🤪.

What is psychology practice management software?

Psychology practice management software enables a more streamlined and precise workflow. Although many psychologists are great at the Client facing side, practice management isn't their favorite part of the day. Meaning practices are running inefficiently to the detriment of clients and psychologists alike. Client satisfaction will reduce, and the scheduling system will falter, resulting in double bookings, incorrect bookings, and forgotten bookings. Whist many practices don't have enough resources to justify the expense of hiring someone specifically to do the admin side of the practice manager. Meaning psychologists often spend a considerable part of their workday juggling administration with appointments. Psychology practice management software is an all-in-one solution to this issue.

How much does psychology practice management software cost?

Psychology practice management software varies hugely in price, and despite the commonly used phrase - you get what you pay for, this isn't always reflective in the realm of practice management software. We'd have to argue that some of the more cost-effective software packages are fresh off the press and building an ever-growing following of loyal users. The best way to ensure you're getting the software that meets your needs specifically is to read the reviews, read the articles (like this one!) and make sure you utilize the free versions to get a feel of what you'll be paying for!

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Essential features of a psychology practice management software

Okay, so you're on the hunt for a psychology practice management software, but what are the features you should look out for?

Well, the truth is that you need to consider what features you need… and prioritize those. But we have a few that we think should be essential to any software.

Here are the things we think you shouldn't compromise for;

  • Free forever version with unlimited users and all features
  • Intuitive, user-friendly functionality
  • Powerful voice-to-text transcription
  • Unlimited 24/7 support
  • Billing and payment automation
  • Powerful note and clinical report templates
  • Beautiful patient experience
  • Automated scheduling reminders
  • Medical billing.
  • HIPAA compliant and certified
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A comparison of the best psychology practice management software


We've put Carepatron as your number one choice for psychology practice management software, and it's no mistake…

Carepatron key features

Here are just a few reasons why Carepatron is a great free solution:

Telehealth for no additional cost

Use the integrated Telehealth with your clients for no additional cost.

Workflow manager

Here are some of Carepatron's streamlined workflow tools:

  • Client appointments: Enjoy the best medical appointment software in the world.
  • Tasks: Share and manage tasks.
  • Reminder: Set reminders so you never miss those crucial moments again.
  • Automated reminders: A built-in reminder service removes the risk of no-shows and stress from your shoulders.
  • Team meetings: Organise all of your sessions in one place. Whether it's with your team or professional network, bring it all together in one place.
  • You can send as many reminders as you want, with none of those limits or add-on costs. Go ahead and create an appointment today with Carepatron.

3. Client Care teams

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Capture your Client relationships in their patient record. This gives you a way to connect in real-time with your Client's support people, whether they are a GP, family member, parents, or healthcare provider.

4. Voice to text transcription

Carepatron has built the world's leading medical voice-to-text capability into its EHR software.

5. Electronic medical records

Finally, a simple, secure EMR software. Carepatron offers a HIPAA-compliant solution that combines the world's leading data encryption to ensure your healthcare data is kept safe.

Carepatron has arobust free foreverplan for unlimited users and unlimited features. Those who want to pay can progress to apaid plan for $15 per user/month.


TheraNestis web-based software for Mental Health practitioners. They set out to help with note management, billing, and scheduling and claim to offer many different capabilities that include analyzing client demographics and allowing practitioners to keep track of progress notes, treatment plans, and discharge summaries. TheraNest also has that all-important HIPAA-compliant sticker which is a must-have for any healthcare management system. While TheraNest claims to have the ability to schedule recurring appointments, there are many issues around specific start times and the ability to customize appointment lengths or the number of follow-up sessions that will be required… worse yet, check out how confusing the pricing is:

TheraNest's pricing plan is based on thenumber of clients on your caseload:

$38 monthly for under 30 clients

$58 monthly for under 50 clients

$108 monthly for under 100 clients

In addition to this, TheraNest'sadditional features come at an added cost:

Wiley Planners for $25 per month for each practitioner

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Client portal for $6 per month for each practitioner

Telehealth for $10 per month for each practitioner

Electronic claims: $0.23 each

Text reminders are $0.02, and voice reminders are $0.05

Credit card processing: 2.85% + 27¢ per transaction


TherapyNotesis designed for behavioral health and medical practices and offers a range of standard features like a sign-on client portal, appointment scheduling, and client record management. TherapyNotes has several drawbacks that make healthcare providers concerned about the ease of use of the software. It does not autosave your essential documents, so unlike software like Carepatron, you'll risk losing your work. Payment processing with TherapyNotes is expensive and complex, which isn't what any private practice is after.

TherapyNotes pricing starts at$25 per month. Unfortunately, in this case, theprice reflects the softwares' capabilities.As far as SAAS software solutions on the market today, TherapyNotes is good... but they aren't anything to write home about.


SimplePracticeis an online practice management software that is designed specifically for behavioral health clinicians. It offers note templates and insurance claim filing capabilities, as well as online booking and appointment reminders.

However, most mental health care practitioners' reviews of SimplePractice state that the patient portal and mobile app can be confusing to navigate at times. Not being able to speak to any customer service providers over the phone can be frustrating.

SimplePractice offers a starter pack at $35 per month per user.


Mendis an online healthcare communication software that lets clients and practitioners connect and share files, messages, assessments, photos, and data. Mend is relatively limited in its capabilities. There are a concerning number of customer reviews from practitioners claiming to experience waiting several weeks for a response from the Mend customer support team. As a software solution that sells itself on the guise of improving connectivity between Client and clinician, you'd hope they would have the capacity to connect with you as a user!

Mend has starter packages ranging from$69 to $99 per monthand business pricing at$299 per month… YIKES!


Luminellois our final option for psychology practice management software. Luminello offers EMR, messaging, insurance claim filing and credit card payment capabilities, and appointment reminders. Despite all these great features, we need to mention that client reviews repeatedly reveal that not being able to speak to Luminello's customer help team over the phone can be time-consuming and frustrating. Luminello also has been reported to have created a disjointed software that leaves Clients and practitioners alike with a bad taste in their mouth.

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These are Luminello's pricing options:

  • E-Rx Lite: $59/month.
  • E-Rx Premium: $99/month.
  • Therapist Lite: $29/month.
  • Therapist Premium: $49/month.
  • A limited free version is also available.

Which psychology practice management software should you use?

Our verdict?

We think Carepatron is the clear winner for the mental health practice management software. It's pretty clear from this review! Carepatron was designed as an all-in-one practice management solution specifically for behavioral health clinicians to help them live their best work life. Forget clunky and inconvenient; Carepatron is an optimization SaaS that you can use anytime, anywhere…

And better yet, they offer all of these incredible features:

  • Free forever version with unlimited users and all features
  • Intuitive, user-friendly functionality
  • Powerful voice-to-text transcription
  • Unlimited 24/7 support
  • Billing and payment automation
  • Powerful note and clinical report templates
  • Beautiful patient experience
  • Automated scheduling reminders
  • Medical billing
  • HIPAA compliant and certified

Kickoff Your Workday with the Right Software!

If you'restillconfused about where to begin, why not start withCarepatron?

Not only does Carepatron let you manage clients, schedule appointments, and take online payments, but it also helps you collaborate digitally with your clients.

From helping with your workflow to tracking your medical billing, Carepatron is the best free practice management software alternative. They offer the best pricing and also have world-class customer service. They're seriously awesome!

Join Carepatron for free today to experience the ultimate management tool and never look back!

Best all-in-one psychology practice management software (2023 comparison) | Carepatron (2)

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