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1. Algeemi

Al Geemi & Partners Contracting Company L.L.C was established in Abu Dhabi in 1979 and this year, we celebrate 40 years of successfully serving the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We are a General Contracting Company that is classified under “Special Category: Infrastructure, Roads and Buildings”, the highest category by the U.A.E Government, and have played a prominent role in the construction of some of Abu Dhabi’s most fundamental infrastructure and prestigious buildings.


  • Decorative, Landscape & Stadium Lighting
  • Domestic Lighting and Power Installation
  • Chilled Water Systems (HVAC)
  • Power Distribution networks for LV, MV and HV
  • Electrical works for Buildings

Contact No:- +97124459789

Email id

Address :- P.O. BOX 2877,Abu Dhabi,U.A.E

Website :-

  1. Ecotherm

Ecotherm Contracting LLC is an electromechanical contracting company established in 2005 recognized by major consultants, contractors and customers throughout the UAE. In the year 2014, the company expanded its services to Jordan, Saudi Arabia,Lebanon, and United Kingdom..


  • HVAC Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Fire Fighting & Alarm Systems
  • Special Systems

Contact No:- +97142948777

Email id :-

Address :- P.O. Box 106345,Abu Dhabi,U.A.E.

Website :-

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  1. Adcc

This leading position is achieved by our ability to provide integrated solutions geared to fulfill our clients’ needs, utilizing a group of specialized experts, engineers and employees, whom ADCC works on continuous basis to develop the level of their performance, promote their skills, through local and international training programs. We aspire to the future, geared up to provide the best level of products and services according to our vision, ready to serve our clients in implementing the most modern and up to date management and quality control systems.In our continuous effort to occupy a leading role, we strive to bring in the latest technology, develop our community, protect the environment, and minimize waste.


  • Villa Construction
  • Residential Complex
  • Finishing & Fit-out Works
  • High Rise Residential

Contact No:- +97124455800

Address :- P.O. Box 5180,Abu Dhabi U.A.E

Website :-

  1. Teejanuae

Teejan which is committed in maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in the relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and clients. We specialize in complex, prestigious construction and infrastructure projects. Ongoing relationships with our clients played memorable role in providing outstanding construction contracting services to companies across the Middle East. The company started strategic business unit in trading, since then it expanded its operation into diversification business activities to ensure long-term growth to our partners. This business diversification has enabled the company to withstand business recessions and has made the company stronger to look for more opportunities in other emerging markets. Teejan has executed many prestigious projects in the sultanate of Oman and United Arab Emirates with our ongoing development, we are looking forward to the future with all kinds of challenges and opportunities that it will offer.


  • Construction
  • Structural Engineering works
  • Fire & Security Engineering Division
  • Electro-Mechanical Works
  • Oil Tank farm-structural works
  • Material Trading
  • Water, Waste water and Environmental work

Contact No:- +97126583665

Email id :-

Address:- P.O Box: 113157,Abu Dhabi,U.A.E

Website :-

  1. Asiaprime.

Unesia Aluminium Contracting Company, L.L.C. is a leading Aluminium, Glazing, Carpentry, False Ceiling & Interior Decoration Works Contractor, supplying and installing a wide variety of systems to meet the demands of the construction industry. Unesia’s workshop and processing facilities include a highly qualified and experienced team of technical personnel and skilled work force, utilizing the latest technologies to achieve high quality products and customer satisfactin.


  • Construction
  • Design-build
  • Value engineering
  • Laser screed technology

Contact No:- +97142556661

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Email id :-

Address :- P.O. Box 34103,Abu Dhabi,U.A.E

Website :-

  1. Mapcouae

The Company’s services cover the execution of projects in general construction as well as road works, bridges, general maintenance and oil/gas fields onshore & offshore services.Accordingly, ADICC’s line of business shall be in the execution of projects as related to the above from private or public authorities. The Company is well equipped with machineries and tools which would enhance timely completion of works undertaken.A group of highly qualified and experienced professionals render their support and skills in the execution of various projects undertaken by the company, in order to ensure the successful implementation of its policy. ADICC Policy is to successfully execute projects to a “win-win-win” outcome. It is the ultimate aim of the company to put the technical know-hows gained through experience into practical field execution.


  • Real Estate Lease and Management Services
  • Building Maintenance
  • Concrete & Metal Facilities Corrosion & Oxidation Resistant Services
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Fields and Facilities Services
  • Irrigation Network Contracting
  • Fit Out Division

Contact No:- +97124466529

Email id :-

Address :- P. O.Box 47550,Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates

Website :-

  1. 7. Capriole

Although Bright Accord General Contracting L.L.C. (BAGC) was established in January 2015, however, the founders and partners in the company have been in this field for over forty years and actually were partners and managers of one of the leading contracting companies in U.A.E.Building on the vast experience that the founders have and the excellent relationship that they have with respected Clients, BAGC focus is on projects that would bring added value to the company and the industry.With this in mind, the staff of experienced and qualified personnel has been built and is capable of handling various construction sites of various sizes and disciplines. BAGC team offers diverse experience in high rise buildings, compounds, villas, infrastructure, and industrial projects. Our staff members are guided by hands-on approach in implementing their duties and by deep involvement in their tasks.


  • Steel Structures
  • Structural Design
  • Planning
  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial Projects

Contact No:- +97126443900

Address :- PO Box 37459,Abu Dhabi,UAE

Website :-

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  1. Ramoozuae

Over the past 20 years, the company has grown to become a reputed Government Contractor doing Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Instrumentation projects in Oil &Gas, Petrochemical, Power plant and Industrial sectors. It is an ISO certified Company. Our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Management System complying with ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 14001:2004 respectively and certified by UKAS (UK) & DAC (UAE). Our Services include but are not limited Services:-

  • Elevators Installation & Maintenance
  • Oil & Gas Field Services
  • Painting & Sand Blasting
  • Fencing Works
  • Water Proofing Works
  • General Maintenance

Contact No:- +97126780645

Email id :-

Address :- P.O. Box 31103 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Website :-

  1. Mapcouae

Over the last three decades, the company have completed electro-mechanical works in over 100 medium to large scale projects spanning the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. As one of the pioneers of Electro-Mechanical contracting in the U.A.E., MAPCO continues to maintain its leadership within the industry through its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s belief is that customer satisfaction can only be achieved through understanding the client’s needs and providing cost- effective, efficient solutions while maintaining the highest levels of quality control.


  • Air conditioning system
  • Close control computer room air conditioning system
  • Fresh air systems
  • Air ventilation systems
  • Air pressurization systems
  • Extract air systems
  • Smoke control systems
  • Variable air volume systems

Contact No:- +97126783626

Email id :-

Address :-. P.O.Box 2035,Suite 702, Al Yasat Tower,Najda Street/Baniyas Street,Abu Dhabi

Website :-

  1. Sgccuae

Square General Contracting Co LLC is a leading contracting company with four decades of experience in diverse areas of construction having Special Grade for all kind building projects contracting.We at Square are proud to be leaders in the field of building construction, and hence the development of the United Arab Emirates as a whole.SGCC was initially set up to handle small projects and over the years, it has evolved into a company capable of handling the largest of turnkey projects. We are committed to quality and safety. This commitment was affirmed when we were awarded the ISO 9002:1994 Certificate for “Construction and Maintenance of Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Works” and updated the same to ISO 9001:2000. Subsequently we have been awarded ISO 9001-2008, OHSAS, and ISO14001-2004 certificates for Quality Management System, Management System and Environmental Management System. SGCC has also certified of Environmental Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) among the few companies in UAE.


  • Civil
  • Fencing
  • Grc-grp factory
  • Joinery workshop
  • Marine works, dredging
  • Mech, elec & plumbing

Contact No:- +97126670650

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Email id :-

Address:- P.O.Box 3479 Abu Dhabi

Website :-

  1. Alnasruae

We made strides into the infrastructure sector to serve the UAE’s main utility providers, growing our scope of work to wider applications including potable water, sewage and drainage. ALNASR focused on securing the most technically demanding jobs. Over the course of the decade, this strategy ensured we built a strong reputation with key clients, and helped us develop significant in house expertise. We soon established in-house mechanical, electrical , district cooling and civil divisions, and further expanded our infrastructure division to meet the advancing requirements of the market. Our focus and commitment to the UAE brought growth to ALNASR, and in the late 90s our number reached a landmark 1,000 people


  • Joinery workshop
  • Marine works, dredging
  • Mech, elec & plumbing

Contact No:- +97126420002

Email id :-

Address:- P.O.Box 2436, Defence Road Abu Dhabi, UAE

Website :-

  1. AlryumWe are also proud to maintain the trust of the governments of the GCC and have completed projects for most of the government bodies including Dubai and Abu Dhabi municipalities, DEWA, FEWA, RTA, Ministry of Defense, Crown Prince Court, ADWEA, ADDC and DCT to name a few.


  • Engineering & Design
  • Procurement
  • Nurseries & Plant Production
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Plant, Machinery & Vehicles (PMV)
  • Steel Fabrication

Contact No:- +97126330932

Email id :-

Address:- P.O.Box No. 28427,Abu Dhabi,UAE

Website :-

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