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Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (1)

Hello! Welcome to my "Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners" article!

In this modern world, things have changed. One thing that led to this is the continuous innovations in the field of technology.

Because of it, we can actually work and earn money online now, compared to the traditional work that most people do.

One of the best way to do it is through writing. That's right. Rejoice, aspiring writers!

However, everyone is welcome to do it, not just the seasoned ones. In this article, I will share to you freelance writing gigs for beginners.

Some of these sites will also work for the professional ones out there. They offer various opportunities for everyone.

Without any further ado, let's get started!

Earn more money with writing, but with this method! Better than freelance writing!

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What is Freelance Writing?

#1 Upwork


#3 FlexJobs








Bottom Line

This is How I Make Money from Home!

What is Freelance Writing?

Before we move to the freelance writing gigs for beginners, let's get to know what it is.

What is freelance writing?

It is basically a job wherein you write for a client. You won't need to go to an office everyday, or have bonuses and sick leave. Instead, you will work anywhere, anytime, and using your own tools.

Online freelance writing gigs have a very wide range of written works. Some of these are:

  • articles
  • blog posts
  • research paper
  • scripts
  • reports speeches
  • web content
  • marketing emails

The payment also varies depending on the type of writing job. Some of them require such expertise. While others are easy to do.

Nevertheless, writing is a great way to earn money online.

Here's is a better way than freelance writing

#1 Upwork

Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (2)

If you’re new to the online freelance community and you have no idea where to start, Upwork can be a good choice.During the early days when I was starting out to work online, Upwork, formerly known as oDesk, was the place I got exposed to.

It is an online job platform and it is one of the most successful out of all online job platforms.Millions of freelancers and clients make use of this website. For the clients, they post job opportunities and look for freelancers to accomplish it.

As for freelancers, they search for jobs that fit their skills and expertise. Furthermore, the site has skill tests. If you pass, it will be displayed on your profile.

This will be very advantageous for freelancers. Upwork is not only about writing jobs. In fact, it has a lot of various jobs available for everyone. Be sure to check it out and see if there are other ways you can use your skills to earn money!

As for the payment, Upwork collects a fee after you are paid. Moreover, there are different ways for you to get paid.

There is a milestone, wherein you get paid for accomplish certain tasks in a project. There is also an hourly rate which pays you money per hour. And lastly, the fixed price. You will be paid in full after finishing the job.


Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (3)

Unlike Upwork, BloggingPro is focused on blogging only. Which means, it only offers blogging and writing jobs.

Most of the time, clients look for writers who can help them with writing content on their blogs.

Furthermore, there are a lot of employers here that are willing to pay for your skills in words. You can write anything about different subjects.

Basically, you just search for a project and submit an application. This freelance site doesn’t require any membership like most online job websites.

This means that you will be directly dealing with the clients. Finding a job here is quite easy but since the site has no direct moderator, you need to be wary of scammers.

You will receive a notification once you are accepted and then you are good to go. If you’re fond of writing, this website will be of great use, imagine being paid for doing something that you’re passionate about.

#3 FlexJobs

Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (4)

(Video) How to Become a FREELANCE WRITER in 2022 (For Total Beginners) | Location Rebel

Flexjobs is a famous online job board. It has been featured in big media outlets like Good Morning America and Forbes.

The website is secured so you will find various flexible and scam-free jobs here.

This site is equipped with favorable features. But you cannot access the site for free.

There are three choices: one-month, three-month, or year-long access. One-month access costs $14.95, three-month access costs $29.95, and a year-long access costs $49.95.

However, they have a money-back guarantee.


Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (5)

This website features a pool of various jobs, including writing.

Plus, getting hired is done in easy steps. You just need to create your account, set your profile, and browse for jobs.

Freelancer follows a bidding procedure. After signing up and setting eyes on a certain job, you need to bid on it so you can get hired.

Furthermore, you must indicate how much you would like to be paid for your service and the amount of time it would take for you to complete the project. is not just for freelancers, despite its name. Clients can also benefit from this.

They can make sure that their projects and businesses will function more when they pick the right freelancer to help them.

Check out my Freelancer review here!


Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (6)

Guru is a freelance marketplace that has been around and running since 1998.

This service is very easy to use. It offers services in various categories. You will find a lot of different employers and businesses here who are in need of your skills set.

You can either acquire a free or paid membership on the site. Your membership comes with bids. You are given 10 bids if you have the free membership.

While the number of bids will depend on the amount you will pay if you have the paid membership.

The said bids will be used everytime you apply for a job or project. You will find a lot of writing jobs here too.

Check out my Guru review here!

Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (7)

Hello there! Freelancing writing is great.

However, you may not be earning much with it.

But, there is a solution for that. Affiliate marketing. Why?

(Video) FREELANCE WRITING: HOW TO START as a BEGINNER WITH NO EXPERIENCE (step by step monthly guide!!)

Find out here!


Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (8)

Another suitable online job marketplace for bloggers is ProBlogger.

Here, you don’t need to make the effort of signing up and building your profile.All you need to do is look for your desired job and apply.

However, these jobs are not screened. To avoid being scammed, be sure to check if the client is legit.

This website is perfect for beginners. It is a good place to start something that would become big one day.

There are no subscription fees involved in the website.

One of the things that makes this website great is the inclusion of tutorials and tips on how to make your blogs better.

#7 iWriter

Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (9)

iWriter is one of the best websites for writers, especially for beginners.

But anyone around the world can join.

It is simple. You create an account, fill up your profile with your skills and experiences, then look for jobs!

But before that, there will be a small writing test that you have to pass. That test will determine your initial rating.

The higher the rating, the more chances of you getting paid more and being hired often. iWriter was designed for writers. So, you better check this out.


Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (10)

SimplyHired is a job board website where you can find various opportunities to make money.

It lists more than 900 job openings in the U.S. The same goes to the other countries. It is pretty simple compared to the ones in this list.

You won’t even have to create an account to be able to apply for jobs. However, when you do, you will receive notifications if there are jobs available for your skills.

And yes, writing is one of them.

When you visit the website, you can just search up a keyword regarding what type of job you want.

Then you will be provided with results! Then you can just apply for it and wait for a response.


Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (11)

Unlike other freelancing websites wherein they charge a service fee when you are paid, in iFreelance, this does not exist.

However, the cost you will be paying for is the monthly subscription fee.

Upon paying, you will be given bids that you will use for applying for jobs.

Also, clients can invite you to work for them. This website has various writing jobs fit for anyone who likes to do it.

Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (12)

If you are into journalism, then there is no place better than this

Since 1998, the year it was founded, this website has been providing opportunities to people.

Furthermore, it is the largest journalism job source. In fact, most media companies these days use it.

(Video) 10 BEST Freelance Writing Job Boards - Find Top Writing Gigs!

Basically, it is a place where people can find journalism jobs, hence the website name.

You just need to create an account and set up your profile. Then you can view the job listings.

There are various categories you can check out. Some of these are:

  • public relations
  • television
  • radio
  • digital media magazines
  • trade publications
  • non-profit
  • academia
  • financial
  • technology

Then you can just apply for your desired job and wait for the response. The pay in this website is slightly better than the other websites out there.

This is the best way to earn money with writing!

Bottom Line

Well there you have them! Freelance writing gigs for beginners! Personally, writing is a great way to work online.

It is fun and easy. Furthermore, doing freelance writing is very flexible. It will always fit in your schedule.

The downside with freelance writing is the pay. There will be times wherein you will not be paid much. If you are lucky enough, you might find a great opportunity with great pay.

To add to that, some of these sites can only offer limited jobs. So I suggest to not just stick to one website.

Thank you so much for reading my "Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners" article! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the comment section below!

This is How I Make Money from Home!

I have tried freelance writing gigs before. In fact, I started my online job career with it. However, I realized that it is time to try out something new and better.

But I still wanted to stick to writing. So what I did was to do affiliate marketing after reading about it.And the results are amazing.

Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (13)

Basically, what I do is to promote products in my blog. With writing, I can build my own blog and fill it with content. Then I can add the affiliate tools such as banners, ads, widgets and text links.

When clicked, these tools will redirect my readers and blog viewers to the business or merchant's website. They are the ones who sell the products I am promoting.

Everyday, readers and web users will visit my blog. When they click on the affiliate tools, they will become my referrals. I will earn money everytime they purchase the product or any products from the business.

What really makes this a lot better than freelance writing is the passive income. You can just leave your blog out there and you can still earn money. The amount you can earn is just limitless!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program

You might need some help when you will start with affiliate marketing. I can say that because I needed it too.

There is nothing else better and more qualified to help you than Wealthy Affiliates!

It can give you all the things you need. That includes two websites. Furthermore, its complete and step-by-step training will surely help you! Aside from that, you will have access to their 24/7 chat support with professional affiliate marketers.

Rest assured that you will be in good hands!

Because of affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliates, I earn affiliate commissions like this!

Freelance Writing Gigs For Beginners (10 Best Sites To Start Out!) (2019) | FullTimeHomeBusiness (14)

My November affiliate commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

Learn everything about it here!

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