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France is a party to the Schengen Agreement. Visit the Embassy of France website for the most current visa and entry requirement information.

Passports must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned date of departure from the Schengen area.

The Government of France does not recognize the 12-page U.S. emergency passport, issued by U.S. embassies and consulates overseas, as a valid travel document for visa-free travel, and, if traveling on this emergency passport, you may be refused boarding and/or entry by immigration officials.
You may enter France for up to 90 days for tourist and business purposes without a visa.
Immigration officers may also request you show sufficient funds for your intended stay and a return airline ticket.
If you are traveling to France or Monaco for reasons other than business or tourism – such as employment, study, or internship – you must obtain the appropriate French or Monegasque (Monaco) visa for that purpose before you leave the United States. You should be aware that it is nearly impossible to obtain or change visa status while in France.
No vaccinations are required for travel to France.
All Minors (under age 18) traveling without a parent or legal guardian and who are resident in France must have the written consent of at least one parent or legal guardianto leave France. The minor must travel with his or her own I.D., a copy of the parent/guardian’s I.D., and form number 15646*01, executed by the parent/guardian and available here.
If you are transiting through France to South Africa, there are special requirements for minors. See Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements for South Africa for additional information.
Contact the French Embassy in Washington at 4101 Reservoir Road NW, Washington, DC 20007, tel. (202) 944 6000, or the French Consulate General in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, or San Francisco for the most current visa information.

Special Note: Overseas departments and territories of France (i.e. those not located in Europe) are not included in the Schengen Agreement. Please see Country Specific Information on French Guiana, French Polynesia, and the French West Indies for entry and exit requirements. For other departments and territories, visit the Embassy of France website for the most current visa and entry requirement information for those areas.

Monaco: For further information on entry requirements to Monaco, travelers may contact the Embassy of the Principality of Monaco, 888 17th Street NW, Suite 500, Washington D.C. 20006, Tel: (202) 234-1530, Email:; or the Consulate General of Monaco, 565 Fifth Avenue – 23rd floor, New York, NY 10017, Tel: (212) 286-0500, Email:

The U.S. Department of State is unaware of any HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for visitors to or foreign residents of France.

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What is proof of sufficient funds for travel France? ›

Proof Of Sufficient Funds To Visit France

If you have a hotel booking/ booked accommodation, you need to show that you have 65 euros per day for daily expenses. If you DO NOT have a hotel booking/ booked accommodation, you need to show that you have 120 euros per day for daily expenses.

Does Schengen business visa get rejected? ›

According to Schengen Visa Info, there are 12 reasons for which visa applications are rejected most frequently, including here a criminal past of the applicant, a damaged passport, the invalidity of one of the documents submitted, and insufficient financial means to support travel, etc.

Why my France visa got rejected? ›

One of the reasons the embassy or consulate of the Schengen country might refuse to give you a visa are; Failing to present financial statements, lacking proof of funds for the duration of your stay in Schengen Area and for the return to your home country.

What is the easiest visa to get for France? ›

A France Schengen visa is issued to foreigners that wish to visit France, the French territories or another Schengen area country for less than 90 days within a 6-month period.

How do I show proof of money for French visa? ›

We need to provide an acceptable proof of funds that shows your financial ability to travel and bear expenditures during your stay in the Schengen area (personal bank statements for the last 3 months, last 3 pay slips, credit/debit cards statements, travelers cheques etc.).

How much bank balance is required for France visa? ›

Proof of accommodation. Tickets for travelling within the Schengen area (if applicable) Proof of civil status – birth certificate will suffice. Bank statement – this needs to show a minimum balance of €3000 over the last 6 months.

How can I avoid visa rejection in France? ›

Not Having All The Correct Documents

Before you fill out your Schengen Visa application form, you need to ensure that you have all the required documents. If you do not provide the correct documents, there is a big possibility that your visa application might be refused.

What are the chances of France visa getting rejected? ›

France rejected 16.2% of visa applications.

Which country rejected visa most? ›

Applicantion Refusals
No.Schengen consulateRefusal Rate
67 more rows
14 Feb 2020

For what reason visa is denied? ›

An applicant's current and/or past actions, such as drug or criminal activities, as examples, may make the applicant ineligible for a visa. If denied a visa, in most cases the applicant is notified of the section of law which applies.

What will you do if your visa is rejected best answer? ›

Re-apply in the Same Country

You must identify and rectify the reasons which may have caused the rejection. If you had a visa interview, you can ask the visa officer the reason for rejection.

What should I do after visa is rejected answer? ›

You can appeal the refusal. The appeal must be submitted within 15 days of the receipt of visa refusal to the Consulate that decided to refuse the visa.

How long does it take to get business visa for France? ›

You will be notified when your passport is ready for collection from the visa centre where you applied. Visa applications are generally processed within 15 days.

Which Schengen country gives visa easily 2022? ›

The easiest country to get a visa to is Lithuania. Almost 98.7% of short-term visa applications for a Schengen Visa to Lithuania received a positive response in 2018.
Other Important FAQs.
SomaliaSri Lanka
3 more rows

Which Schengen Visa is quickest? ›

What is the shortest Schengen Visa? The short-stay visa is a Schengen Visa. It allows you to stay in the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period - or the length of your trip. It allows you to travel to all countries within the Schengen Area.

How do I provide proof of travel money? ›

Items that must be included in a Proof of Funds Letter include:
  1. Bank's name and address.
  2. Official bank statement.
  3. Copy of money market statement and balance.
  4. Balance of funds in checking and savings accounts.
  5. Bank certified financial statement.
  6. Copy of an online banking statement.
  7. Signature of an authorized bank employee.

Do visa officers check bank statements? ›

Get your bank statements attested

Select countries require applicants to submit their bank statements, duly attested. While it is common to submit bank statements, and most travellers are aware of this step, not having these bank statements attested is a common error.

Is bank statement enough for Schengen Visa? ›

All types of Schengen visas require bank statements, including a medical visa. In the case of a medical visa, you are required to provide documents that show you have enough money to cover your medical treatments.

How much proof of funds do I need for a tourist visa? ›

Proof of funds:

Original bank statements from your personal account for the past six months; • The last 6 months of pay slips.

Is 3 months bank statement enough for Schengen visa? ›

Sponsorship Letter by another person that confirms they will be financially supporting your trip to the Schengen. In order for this letter to be valid, it must be accompanied by a bank statement of the sponsor, no older than three months.

Is bank statement required for France tourist visa? ›

When applying to obtain a French Tourist visa, you must provide the following additional documents: Bank statement. Preferably for the last 6 months. Travel Itinerary.

Can travel visa be rejected? ›

Visa rejection may happen when you fail to prove your eligibility to visit a particular country. It mostly takes place as the applicants fails to provide important information, or sometimes because of certain document missing.

What do visa officers check? ›

Through the CCD, the consular officer can see whether you have applied for a visa in the past, and whether the visa was granted or denied. The officer can also see any comments that the prior officer made about the application.

Can a visa rejection affect your future travel? ›

If your visa application is rejected, it can affect your future travel plans. First and foremost, you will not be able to enter the country you were hoping to visit. This means you will have to make other travel arrangements, which can be costly and time-consuming.

How can I avoid rejection of visa? ›

For most short term visas, you will have to prove that you have ties in your home country that will ensure your need to return to your home country once you have completed your permitted stay in the country. Failure to provide this or providing insufficient proof of this will lead to visa rejection.

Which Schengen country has lowest rejection rate? ›

Best countries for Schengen visa? The countries with the lowest rejection rates are Luxembourg (1.2 per cent), Slovakia (2.7 per cent), Lithuania (2.8 per cent), the Czech Republic (3.3 per cent), and Latvia (3.5 per cent).

Which country give visa easily? ›

Estonia is known for its high rate of accepted work visa applications, making it the easiest country to obtain a work visa. On the other hand, it receives a relatively small number of requests compared to other countries. Therefore, Estonia might be your best choice for working abroad.

What is the easiest European country to get a visa? ›

Finland. The Nordic country, Finland, is one of the easiest European countries to get a visa. Although Finland receives a high number of applications yearly, from a total of 61,018 visa applications in 2021, 55,882 of them were granted. In general, Finland has an approval rate of 98,3%.

Which country has the easiest visa? ›

6 Countries Where It's Easy To Get A Residency Visa
  • Mexico.
  • Panama.
  • Belize.
  • New Zealand.
  • Bali, Indonesia.
  • Nicaragua.
  • Conclusion.
15 Nov 2022

Why do Schengen visas get rejected? ›

Some logical ones are:

Having false travel documents. Lacking a valid passport. Lacking proper financial statements or birth/marriage certificates. If you have previously failed to respect the Schengen visa limitations.

Is visa rejection stamped on passport? ›

When you get your visa rejected, most countries place a stamp on your passport stating the same. It is therefore easily accessible to any consular officer who will issue your future permits.

Why does embassy hold your passport? ›

When your visa is approved, the interviewing officer will still need to keep your passport and documents for a period of time in order to complete administrative processing. You will be able to obtain your passport with your visa packet once the packet is ready for pickup.

How many times we can apply for visa after rejection? ›

You can reapply any time after 3 business days following the previous rejection. You don't have to wait for 6 months or longer.

How do I know if my visa is rejected France? ›

Use the TLS online application tracking tool. Log in to your TLS account to see the tracking of your request. You applied at a VFS visa application center. Use the VFS online application tracking tool.

Do you get money back if visa rejected? ›

Will my visa fee be refunded? No, the fee you have paid for your visa application is for it to be processed and a decision to be made, regardless of the decision itself. You will however be refunded the fee for the Immigration Health Surcharge if applicable.

How can I pass my visa interview? ›

  1. 10 Tips for a Successful Visa Interview. Back to top.
  2. 10 Tips for a Successful Visa Interview F-1 and J-1 Visas. ...
  3. Ties to Home Country. ...
  4. English. ...
  5. Speak for Yourself. ...
  6. Know the Program and How it Fits Your Career Plans. ...
  7. Be Concise. ...
  8. Supplemental Documentation.

How fast can I get a business visa? ›

Again, it varies by country, but most consulates will issue a business visa within days to a few weeks of receiving a completed application. Hiring a visa expediting service can reduce this delay to as quickly as 1-2 business days.

Can I travel as a tourist on a business visa? ›

If you wish to visit a country as a tourist or for business or even to visit family and friends living there, then you must apply for a visit visa. You will have to apply for either a tourist visa or a business visa based on the purpose of your visit.

Can I visit other Schengen countries with business visa? ›

A Schengen business visa allows you to travel to the Schengen Area countries for business purposes. It is required by citizens of countries that have mandatory visa requirements for visits to Europe, and who are traveling with the sole purpose of conducting business.

How do I get a Schengen visa urgently? ›

Still, if you need to travel to the Schengen area urgently, you can contact the embassy of the country you wish to visit and they will inform you if they make exceptions (since some of the countries do in extraordinary situations). You must provide a justification for your application as a non-resident.

How can I increase my Schengen visa chances? ›

Although there are other requirements for a Schengen visa, these 3 steps are by far the most important.
Show that you have enough money to look after yourself.
  1. Justify the purpose and condition of your stay. ...
  2. Provide information to show that you will leave after your visit.

How do I get a 5 year Schengen visa? ›

5-year MEV is granted to people that have obtained and lawfully used a previous multiple-entry visa valid for at least two years within the previous three years. This visa permits you to enter 26 countries in Europe as many times as you wish, within five years, as soon as you do not violate the 90/180 days rule.

Is France visa easy to get? ›

Your French visa application will be processed within five to 20 working days. Whereas, if you have applied for a France long-stay visa, you will get a reply for 15 to 20 days, or up to 2 months in some specific cases.

Can I get Schengen visa in 7 days? ›

You must apply for your India Schengen Visa no more than six months, and no fewer than 15 days, before your trip. It is advised you apply at least three weeks before you leave, however, to allow for any delays in the processing of your application.

Which country gives free citizenship? ›

Austria, Belgium, Ecuador, Belize and Costa Rica, countries where you can get citizenship and work visas easily of you have an Indian passport. Travel Tips, Immigration with Indian Passport: There are many countries in the world who give citizenship of their country if you have the passport of India and some documents.

What is sufficient funds for Schengen visa? ›

The overall amount required for an Italy Schengen visa for stays up to 5 days for one person is EUR 269.60 (equivalent to INR 22,812.89)*, while for stays up to 10 days for one person, you'll need EUR 44.93 per day. Additional amount required for each additional applicant travelling with you.

How do I get proof of sufficient funds for visa? ›

The United States government requires all international applicants to provide proof of ability to pay tuition and living expenses before the forms needed for obtaining a visa can be issued. This proof can come in the form of personal or family bank letters, bank statements, stock statements, company sponsorships, etc.

What is proof of sufficient financial? ›

This simply means that you must prove that you have enough money for your trip, including the travel expenses, accommodation and food expenses, as well as other incidental expenses.

Can I get visit visa without bank statement? ›

Make a Cover Letter

A Cover letter or a Letter of explanation may help you in your Visa Application. You can place in that letter your explanation as to why your requirements are lacking; especially bank accounts, why this certain person is sponsoring you, why you want to go to visit this country.

What is proof of sufficient funds for travel Europe? ›

Proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the intended journey, recent bank account statements during the last three months (Bank statements must show the name and address of the owner). We cannot accept Travel Money Cards or cash as proof of sufficient funds.

How do embassies verify bank statements? ›

mybankStatement® is a one page ticket generated by your bank to replace traditional paper based bank statements that are normally submitted in visa applications. It contains a unique ticket number and passcode that can be used by Embassies to efficiently verify your account holdings are genuine.

Which embassy is easiest to get Schengen visa? ›

Estonia is the easiest country to get a Schengen Visa from, with only 1.5% of applications rejected in 2020. This means that 98.5% of the Schengen Visa applications for Estonia received a positive answer.

How much money do I need to show in my bank account for Schengen visa? ›

As a guide, not including accommodation, funds of around €50 - in addition to what you have paid for your hotel booking - will be enough in most cases to prove means of subsistence. But the more you can save the better - especially as you can then enjoy your extra cash on your trip!

Can bank statements be used for proof of funds? ›

A bank statement, security statement, or custody statement usually qualify as proof of funds. Proof of funds is typically required for a large transaction, such as the purchase of a house.

How much bank statement is required for visa? ›

You will usually be asked to provide bank statements for the previous three months as evidence that you can afford to support yourself financially throughout your stay in the US. If somebody else is funding your stay in the US, then you can provide evidence that they can afford to do so.

Do visa officers ask financial documents? ›

In fact, they only ask for any documents in the rarest of rare occasions. As a rule, the Visa Officers do not ask for any documents. Though you are always recommended to carry them with you, it is important to note that you must not offer your documents until and unless asked. What is 221(g) under US Visa Refusals?


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