Skimboard Buying Guide | How To Choose The Right Skimboard (2023)

Skimboard Buying Guide

Welcome to the Circle One Skimboard Buying Guide! We are one of the top manufacturers of epoxy and carbon skimboards for serious wave riding, so can help you find your perfect skimboard in terms of fit and design. Firstly, you need to know what sort of skimboarding you would like to be doing, what your ability is, and your height and weight as that will affect the size of your new skimboard.

Skimboarding can be done on the flatland, where you skim in the shallow water on a beach or lake, or take it further and ride waves in the sea. Skimboards are also gaining popularity as wake skates and in kitesurfing for wave riding when you prefer to not be strapped to a board. Epoxy and carbon skimboards are lightweight and strong, ideal for performing tricks on the water in any capacity!

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Wooden vs Epoxy vs Carbon

Often when people think of skimboarding, they think of cheaper wooden skimboards which are mostly flat, quite heavy and thin. These are great for messing around in the shallows and for lighter adults and kids, but if you want to get more serious about skimboarding, then you will benefit a lot more from a lighter and better constructed epoxy glassfibreor carbon fibre skimboard. These have better flotation to take on waves, often have a rocker for better turning and carving, and are thicker and bigger to offer more surface area for skimming on.

The main benefit of a wooden skimboard is the price; they are a lot cheaper but won’t last as long if you are using it often. Great for beginners or playing around on holiday, but to improve we would recommend going for an epoxy glassfibre construction. Carbon Fibre boards offer top level performance, giving the best strength to weight ratio, plus greater rigidity and responsiveness to the ride. They can cover greater distances at speed over water, and perfect for superior wave riding and tricks.


Which Size Skimboard Should I Choose?

The main thing to consider when picking your skimboard size, is your own height and weight. The below table shows your ideal length of skimboard (for epoxy and carbon models) based on your weight. It goes without saying that if you are smaller, you can handle a smaller board but if you are heavier you will need the additional float of a bigger board.

Rider WeightRecommended Skimboard Length/s
Up to 7Up to 4539" - 43"
7 - 1045 - 6543" - 46"
8.5-11.555 - 7546" - 50"
10 - 1365 - 8050" - 52"
11.5 - 14.575 - 9052" - 54"
13 - 1680 - 10054" - 56"
14.5 - 17.5>90 - 110>56"

In terms of height, your skimboard should come up to around your own waist to chest height. Your ability may also affect the size you opt for as larger boards are easier to ride, with greater surface area to stand on, and more float. However, they also go faster and further, so if you are smaller and still learning, go for the smallest board you feel you could ride in order to have that control, and be able to turn the board easier. Expert skimboarders may also go for a smaller board as they are more flexible and easier to perform tricks on, and they are good enough to balance on them. But if your goal is speed and distance, then a longer board will suit you better.

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Skimboard Accessories

We recommend waxing your skimboard for grip, similar to waxing a surfboard. You can also add a traction pad and/ or arch bar to your skimboard for even better grip and control on the board. Circle One sells full skimboard packages which include both a traction pad and arch bar, along with some wax and a premium skimboard bag to protect and carry your skimboard when travelling.

Our Top Picks

50 inch Skimboard Package

The ultimate bundle to get you up and riding in no time! The 50 inch epoxy skimboard is a great all round board as the middle size in the range, perfect for riders between 60 – 80 kg, or lighter riders looking for a larger and more stable ride, or heavier experienced riders wanting a more flexible board to do tricks on.

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43 inch Epoxy Skimboard

A popular first skimboard for kids or lighter riders, the 43 inch model is great fun and playful for skimming along the shore and into small waves. Plenty of width and volume for buoyancy in a shorter length for a flexible feel and ease of turning and carving.

56 inch Carbon Skimboard

Skimboards don’t get much better than this! The longest carbon board we do is the 56 inch, offering a stable, fast ride for intermediate to advanced skimboarders. Great fun for hitting the waves, carving and getting speed across the water. Also good as a wakeboard or kitesurf board as it is stable and lightweight for plenty of fun on the sea!

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Skimboard Bag

A quality skimboard bag to protect your board from dings while storing or transporting it.

If you would like more specific advice on the perfect skimboard for you, then please give us a call on 0330 043 1256 or email us on [emailprotected]



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