Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (2023)

Saudi Arabia is one of the developing nations though they are oil-rich. Infrastructure is the priority here. That is the reason here several construction companies are operating.

Dear Gulf Asia Readers, the new financial year is just around the corner, so we have compiled an updated list of the top 20 construction companies in KSA.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive right in…

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  • 1 Almabani General Contractors
  • 2 Saudi Lebanese Tarouk Contracting Co.
  • 3 Al-Ayuni Investment And Contracting Co.
  • 6 ABV Rock Group Ltd Co.
  • 7 Al-Latifia Contracting Co.
  • 8 Alharbi Contracting Co Ltd.
  • 9 A.S.Al Sayed Contracting Partners Ltd Co.
  • 10 Arabian Construction Co.
  • 11 MASCO
  • 12 Al Rajhi Construction Co.
  • 13 Saudi Cyprian Construction Co.
  • 14 Freyssinet Saudi Arabia Co.
  • 15 UNEC Head Office KSA
  • 16 Consolidated Contractors Co.
  • 17 Nesma Trading CO.Ltd
  • 18 KAMCO General Contracting Co.
  • 19 Saudi Icon Co.
  • 20 HATCO

It makes sure this order is not representing any ranking. We intend to help our readers to understand the big giants around here in KSA.

Almabani General Contractors

It was founded in Jeddah, SA, in October 1972 and is owned by a family.

They are well-versed in civil & electrical works. In 2001, Alambani developed a military city for Dir Al Jazira in the north of Saudi Arabia.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (1)

Some famous projects of Almabani are Riyadh power plant no.1, hotel towers, Najran airport development project, primary health care center, and red sea mall.
Their ongoing projects are Riyadh metro projects, King Abdullah runway phase-2, and sports facilities at King Abdulaziz University.

Saudi Lebanese Tarouk Contracting Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (2)

This company was established in 1979. They have 40 years of experience in construction with a wide range of technical services, including Turnkey projects of industrial plants.
They developed some amazing projects like Riyadh Medical Village, Wadi Qurtoba Compound, National Control Center Building, Riyadh Public Transport Control Center, Pension Fund Building, Dammam Broadcast Station, Information, and Technology Communication Complex, etc.

Al-Ayuni Investment And Contracting Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (3)

In the early 60s, Al-AYUNI was founded by Hammad Abdullah Al-Ayni. It was formed as a sub-contractor only for road construction. However, in the year 1972, it was registered as a general constructor.

Due to their utmost hard work and efforts, Al-Ayuni became the most preferred construction company for developing roads in Saudi Arabia.


They have developed more than 5000 kilometer single & double roads and more than 350 bridges in the entire Saudi Arabia, which has become a symbol of their success.


As a partner of CTW400, Al-Ayuni developed a 500-kilometer long railway track that connects Riyadh with the northern region of Saudi Arabia.

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Al- Fouzan Trading & General Construction Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (4)

It was founded in 1974. In the last five years, they have worked on hundreds of major projects. They have developed many hospitals, universities, and educational institutes. Al- Fouzan was listed on the list of big hundred Saudi Companies for many years.

Al-Rashid Trading & Contacting Company

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (5)

In 1957, Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Company was founded. RTCC has developed many houses, college campuses, medical centers, and infrastructure projects.

ABV Rock Group Ltd Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (6)

A branch of ABV Rock Group was opened in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia, in 1974. Actually, this construction company was initially founded in Sweden in 1918.

They do tunneling, road construction, and pipelines. Their ongoing projects are Hilton 5 Star Hotel, Al Faisal University, University Endowment, Prince Salman Centre, and National Diabetic Centre.

Al-Latifia Contracting Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (7)

Founded in 1984, Al Latifa is a class-I buildings contractor in Riyadh and works all over Saudia Arabia. It is one of the best construction companies, and they are focusing mainly on construction work in KSA.

Their upcoming projects are Al Jamoum Hospital in Makkah, Al-Meqat Hospital in Madinah, and the King Abdul Aziz Centre.

Alharbi Contracting Co Ltd.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (8)
It is one of the earliest Saudi companies in the construction field, through more than 49 years of successful record in the contracting field. It was founded in 1965.
They are well-reputed for their quality in executing challenging projects. Its headquarter is in Riyadh.

A.S.Al Sayed Contracting Partners Ltd Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (9)

It was founded in 1979. AS Al Sayed is an authorized distributor for many companies.
It is signing a contract for the operation of mechanical as well as electrical projects in Madinah.

Arabian Construction Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (10)
It was set up in Lebanon in 1967. It is also one of the Middle East’s major construction contractors.
They are well-versed in complex and reputable construction & infrastructure projects.


Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (11)
In 1984, MASCO was founded by Mohammed Ali Al Salem. The Infrastructures & Water Projects Department in MASCO is responsible for most of their projects.

Some of their recent projects are the Makkah highway and Madinah Infrastructure Project.

Al Rajhi Construction Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (12)

Al Rajhi was founded in 1992 and is included in the list of top construction companies in KSA. They played a great role in urban and human, and civil development in Saudi Arabia. They offer a wide range of services in various parts of KSA, and it is a public company.

Saudi Cyprian Construction Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (13)
It is a sister company of General Constructions. Their clients trust them for their great quality and commitment. It is their strength.

Freyssinet Saudi Arabia Co.

FSA is an LLC company founded in 1978 by the late Sheikh Kamal Adham.


Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (14)

Their projects amount to several billion Saudi Riyals. They have built their reputation due to their high-quality work.

UNEC Head Office KSA

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (15)
UNEC is a well-established construction company located in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Its Head Office is in Dubai. It was founded in 1976. UNEC has a huge portfolio with over 35 years of construction work.

From industrial buildings, showrooms, housing hospitals, and schools to high-class hotels and mosques, they have done all types of projects.

Consolidated Contractors Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (16)
It was founded in 1952. It is a major company that handles local and international construction, engineering, and development projects.

They work according to the needs of the changing markets, and that’s their strength. Their close relationships with clients strengthen them even more.

Nesma Trading CO.Ltd

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (17)

It is a private Saudi Arabian company. It’s headquartered in Jeddah’s Red Sea port city with several branches in all major cities of KSA. It is also a well-reputed construction company.

KAMCO General Contracting Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (18)
It was founded in 1984 by Khalifa A. Al-Mulhem. They are well-known for developing huge steel buildings in KSA. In total, they have worked for more than five million hours as of now, and the great thing about that is they have never faced any misfortune like worker injuries or machinery accidents.

Saudi Icon Co.

Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (19)Saudi Icon develops interior contracting projects in the GCC region. They also do commercial and residential projects. They have some manufactured products as well.


Top 20 Construction Companies In KSA (20)
Al Hashemiah Contracting Co. is a Limited Liability Company. It was founded in 1976. It is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They handle construction and civil engineering projects.
They have well-trained workers who are honored for their devotion to the company.

Some of their famous projects are King Faisal University and the Arab National Bank, one of the top ten Middle East banks. Of course, they are a symbol of pride for HATCO.

Way Forward

We have compiled this list according to the latest scenarios in KSA. If you are wondering about Saudi Bin Laden & Saudi Oger, you may know they have lost their image recently & hence not ranking anymore.

Let us know if you think any other major one is missing!


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